The Great Discontent


Eliminating barriers for future growth.

The Great Discontent (TGD) is a digital and online publication committed to celebrating the untold stories of today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers.

The old TGD website was a static website with no Content Management System (CMS) in place, therefore requiring technical knowledge—Git, Github, HTML, CSS—to perform any updates. To eliminate this barrier, the client reached out to us to make the website dynamic and empower them to perform updates easily.

Web Development

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design integrity

Since the original website was beautifully designed and there were no major pain points related to user experience, we recreated the site on WordPress CMS, preserving the original design.

The previous site site files were hosted and managed on Github, therefore mirroring specific interactions and functionalities on WordPress required special attention and customization.

Custom fields

The greatest challenge in this project was to marry the original design with the WordPress CMS making the backend intuitive and easy to update for the TGD editors. For that, the use of Custom Fields became indispensable—with everything in the backend having its dedicated field, mirrored to the user interface, updating the content of the articles became as easy as writing a simple blog post.


Since we were transforming a static website into a dynamic one, with quite different structures, we had to manually transfer TGD’s existing 270+ posts using the new Custom Posts to properly organize the content.


Accessibility and inclusion are of utmost importance to TGD, therefore we implemented an accessibility widget, called EqualWeb, as part of the project.

“We’re evolving the focus/content/community side of the brand with an eye to much deeper inclusion across the creative community.”

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