The Unequivocal Power of Type & Image

Sentact provides comprehensive rounding solutions that help hospitals to create an overall better quality of care for their patients. Their products and technology empower healthcare systems to reduce costs, improve safety, and increase engagement.

Sentact was looking “to jazz up” an already-in-production new site. While much improved from its previous iteration, the new look & feel was suffering from outdated and inconsistent interactive elements, a washed out color palette, and a lack of hierarchy. The photography selection seemed staged and in need of significant back-end optimization. The overall layout of the pages also required a revision towards a less busy modern interpretation in order to elevate Sentact’s online presence.

Site Audit
Interaction Design
Web Design
Web Development

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Sentact-Home-Before Sentact-Home-After



the POWER of color

Since we weren’t tasked with brand design, we needed to stay consistent with the existing visual components of the brand while also making it appear more refined, bold, and modern. 

Using the shades of blue in the existing logo as the foundation, we built a palette that was fresh yet sophisticated. 







A word on words

If color is the personality of the brand, typography is it’s tone of voice. Since Sentact primarily communicates to corporate executives in the medical space, its tone of voice is professional, straightforward, and transparent. 

These qualities translate to a typeface that is uncomplicated and open, with just enough personality to show a nod to Sentact’s design sensibility. Mulish, a minimalist Sans Serif typeface, was the perfect fit for Sentact’s headings.

a visual story

One of the premises of the redesign was to present Sentact’s offerings in a concise and enticing manner. This was achieved through the use of simple yet descriptive iconography, bold design elements, and thorough attention to visual hierarchy.

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We’ve seen a 1900% increase in inquiries. From the way the program is presented to the easy-to-follow tabs and pages, each click allows the user to easily find what they need. We had no idea of what we were looking for in a website but they were brilliant in their delivery and design.