Streamlining Delivery of a Youth Program

Preventure is an international youth education program originating in Canada that uses personality testing to predict and prevent destructive behaviors in teenagers. Overdose Lifeline, a nonprofit based in Indiana, became licensed to train Preventure facilitators in the US.

Overdose Lifeline came to us because they wanted a website for US customers with a portal for program facilitators to access, create, and administer the personality test digitally. The end result is an automated system that processes responses, calculates them, and automatically assigns each participant to their respective group.

User Experience
Information Architecture
Google API Integration
Web Design
Web Development

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Implementation blueprint

Prior to using the digital product to conduct the qualifying phase of the program, facilitators would provide a printed copy of the test for each participant. Once completed, the facilitator would manually input the results into a spreadsheet.

The new facilitator portal makes the implementation process more sustainable and cuts costs associated with printing. The Google API saves the facilitator time and eliminates human error by automatically processing results as soon as a test is submitted.


Through user interviews and secondary research, we were able to get an insight into the needs of the three primary user types: the facilitator, the participant, and the participant’s parent.

All content was sorted through carefully and presented in a way most appealing and digestible to each user type. The intent was to make all users feel equally accounted for.

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We’ve seen a 1900% increase in inquiries. From the way the program is presented to the easy-to-follow tabs and pages, each click allows the user to easily find what they need. We had no idea of what we were looking for in a website but they were brilliant in their delivery and design.