Christine Loh


A Dynamic Identity for a Global Perspective

Christine Loh is a sought-after international speaker on issues of sustainability, green finance, seaborne trade, forestry, and geopolitics. An author of many books, Chrtistine is a regular columnist for the South China Morning Post and China Daily and a professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and UCLA.

Christine needed a digital publicly-accessible space to house her most recent work, including op-eds, research publications, and books. She wanted to introduce herself to her readers outside of the confined CV format, highlighting the rich and varied experiences that made her the expert she is today.

Visual Identity
Information Architecture
Web Design
Web Development

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SHARING perspective

While Christine covers a lot of topics in her writings and talks, all of them fall either into two larger buckets—environmental and political. We proposed two variations of the identity to fit each of those scenarios. 

The layered design and perspective in the mark are a nod to the client’s versatile experiences and unique outlook on the issues she addresses.

“There are many "experts" but I cover an unusual field from geopolitics, sustainability and specific industries, such as maritime, forestry, decarbonization etc. I combine these issues into a perspective that helps people to understand Asia.”

Look & Feel

Christine wanted her brand to appear fresh, bold, and innovative while remaining sophisticated. We presented two directions—one leaning more towards a bold and vibrant look & feel, and the other channeling a minimalist online publication esthetic. Based on the client’s feedback, the end result is a balance of the two directions.

“I like the greater vibrancy of the first treatment more in theory because it bucks the dominance of mostly-white websites but that layout is much busier than the mostly-white layout.”


Getting red and green hues to coexist harmoniously was one of the primary objectives at the onset of the project. The balance was achieved by adding more blue to the green hue and utilizing monochromatic combinations guided by a clear strategy for the use of each palette.


Noto Sans strikes the perfect balance between legibility and character. Equipped with a wide range of weights, Noto Sans lends itself nicely to all typographic needs, from an H1 tag to the post category, thus eliminating the need for separate display and text typefaces.

Noto Sans


To better an intuitive and satisfactory experience on the site, we created primary User Archetypes based on their overarching goals for coming to the website and looked at the tasks they might perform.

The User Archetypes helped guide the architecture and nomenclature on the site. The result is a straightforward introduction to Christine as an expert, accompanied by an easily navigable digital library of her latest writings and media appearances to support that expertise.


visitors interested in digging deeper on a subject matter for research purposes; could include Media people as well

private or public sector people interested in inviting Christine to be a panelist, moderator, or speaker

academics and authors looking for a Subject Matter Expert for collaboration purposes

"I speak to students (undergrads/postgrads), professionals (engineers, architects etc), managers (corporate world), financiers and others who seek perspective about a fast changing world."

custom carousel style created for Christine Loh’s website


With every project, our goal is to give the client as much autonomy in maintaining their site as possible. This uncompromisable requirement poses certain challenges when it comes to custom design and interactive elements on the site—the client should not have to learn coding to update anything on their own site.

Due to the newsworthy nature of Christine’s content, the custom elements needed to elevate the content without overpowering it. We opted for micro-interactions (i.e. subtle button pulses) and custom carousels to bring interest and attention to the featured content on the site.

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When I was introduced to Overdose Lifeline, the website was my first impression of the organization. I was immediately impressed by the overall design and visual appeal—sleek and professional! The attention to detail provides an exciting and informative user experience.